Video: Sissoko with HORRENDOUS miss against Aston Villa!

sissoko miss aston villa

Sissoko with HORRENDOUS miss against Aston Villa in a Premier League match!

Sissoko with HORRENDOUS miss against Aston Villa as Tottenham is still losing.

Tottenham and Aston Villa are playing the last match Saturday match in the Premier League.

Shockingly, Villa is in the lead after they took an early lead.

Tottenham has had all of the possession and the chances, but they have somehow failed to score a goal.

Moussa Sissoko had one of the best chances to score for Tottenham.

He got the ball about 10 meters out of Villa’s goal. No one was covering him and he had a clear path to shoot.

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Sissoko did shoot, but his shot was so bad that the ball managed to go for a throw-in.

A horrible shot from Sissoko as Tottenham is in a bad position against Villa.

They have enough quality to win this match, but Villa is resilient and keeping a winning position against Spurs.


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