Video: Chelsea’s fan tries to punch David Luiz poster!

chelsea's fan punch david luiz

Chelsea’s fan tries to punch David Luiz poster after Luiz agreed his transfer to Arsenal.

Chelsea’s fan tries to punch David Luiz poster after Brazilian got his transfer to Arsenal.

Transfer deadline is soon going to pass, and David Luiz is one of the shocking transfers of the day.

Chelsea’s long lasting defender has decided to quit Chelsea and go to Arsenal.

A deal is believed to be in the region of £8 million, which is quite cheap given the prices in this current transfer window.

This move was a happy transfer for Arsenal fans and quite depressing one for Chelsea’s fans.

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The reason for unhappiness of Chelsea’s fans is that Luiz was a very important part of the team in last season and now he is going to play for their city rivals.

The low transfer fee is quite problematic as one Chelsea’s fan decided to show his anger by trying to punch Luiz’s poster on a live TV news broadcast.

A funny moment that won’t help Chelsea at all while Arsenal will get an experienced defender after Koscielny left.


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