Video: Almiron with ridiculous dive against Arsenal!

almiron dive arsenal

Almiron with ridiculous dive against Arsenal in a Premier League match!

Almiron with ridiculous dive against Arsenal as there is still a goalless draw.

Newcastle and Arsenal are playing their match in the Premier League. A rather boring match that lacks chances and entertainment is, obviously, still goalless.

Probably the most controversial moment in this match involved Newcastle’s Almiron.

Almiron was making a solo run inside Arsenal’s penalty box.

He got inside of the box and then fell on the ground. It was a clear dive and referee saw that.

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It was a naive move from Almiron given that there is VAR in place.

Referee showed a yellow card to Almiron and the match could continue.

This match is lacking in everything involving football. Arsenal will need to improve in the second half, and they certainly have the players on the bench that could help to make that happen.


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