Video: Yuta Koike sensational goal vs Iwata!

Yuka Koike goal Iwata

Yuta Koike sensational goal against Iwata in J-league!

Yuta Koike scores a sensational goal against Iwata as Kashima Antlers got a win!

Kashima Antlers and Jubilo Iwata played a regular match in J-league.

The match ended with expected home win as Antlers beat Iwata with a 2-0 score.

Otherwise quite a boring match, it had one amazing moment.

Koike was running on the left side of Iwata’s side of the pitch. He (probably) tried to make a cross to the center of the box, which would be a bad move given that there was no one in the penalty box.

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Anyway, Koike hit the ball in such a way that it took a diagonal trail and completely surprised Iwata’s keeper.

It was a sensational goal that you don’t get to see often.

This win has put Antlers in 4th place while Iwata is dead last and will likely face relegation at the end of the season.


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