Video: Wan Bissaka with sombrero skill against Leeds United!

Wan Bissaka sombrero skill Leeds United

Wan Bissaka with sombrero skill against Leeds United in a friendly match.

Wan Bissaka with a cheeky skill against Leeds as Man United has a comfortable lead.

Pre-season friendlies are on and Manchester United is playing against Leeds United.

It’s currently 2-0 for United, who have been the better team and could have been leading with a bigger margin.

The best skill of the match was made by United’s new signing Wan Bissaka.

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Right-back got the ball in the middle of the pitch and had one of Leeds’ players right behind him. He made a lovely sombrero skill and put the ball over his opponent.

Brilliant skill from Wan Bissaka, who is lauded as one of the best right-backs in the country.

United is on curse to win this match as they are simply too strong for Leeds.


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