Video: Vitolo scores 7th goal against Real Madrid!

vitolo goal real madrid

Vitolo scores 7th goal against Real Madrid in ICC friendly match!

Vitolo scores 7th goal against Real Madrid as Atletico was on fire.

Atletico Madrid demolished Real in a friendly match.

A shocking result for Real, who got themselves humiliated against their biggest rivals.

At one point in this match, Atletico was leading with a 1-7 score. A score that probably got Marcelo a PTSD.

Vitolo was the player that scored the 7th goal and it was a special goal from Vitolo.

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He got the ball near the middle of the pitch on Atletico’s side. He made a stunning run and went past three Real’s players. He made a fantastic finish at the end to put every Real’s fan in a depression.

A shocking performance from Atletico and Real as there is going to be an interesting season on La Liga.


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