Video: Pizarro BAD elbow injury against USA!

pizarro arm injury usa

Pizarro BAD elbow injury against USA in Gold Cup final.

Pizarro bad elbow injury against USA as Mexico won the Gold Cup.

Mexico and USA played an interesting match in the final of Gold Cup. The match ended with a single goal as Mexico beat USA.

A deserved win for Mexico, who controlled the match.

One of their best players, on the night, was Rodolfo Pizarro. He was a constant threat from the left flank as USA’s defense had problems dealing with him.

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He ended the match in the 80th minute after landing awkwardly on his arm.

The replays showed that he suffered a bad injury to his elbow as he couldn’t continue the match.

This win means that Mexico won their 11th Gold Cup title, which is a record.


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