Video: Paul Pogba skill and shot against Inter Milan!

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Paul Pogba skill and shot against Inter Milan in International Champions Cup!

Paul Pogba with a wicked skill and shot against Inter Milan as there is still no goal in this match.

Manchester United and Inter still haven’t score a goal in this match.

The first half was better in terms of chances and the overall quality of the game.

Second half has seen plenty of substitutions on both sides, which disrupted the pace of this match.

That’s why the best moment of the second half was about Pogba and his skill on tight space.

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Pogba got the ball in the middle of Inter’s side of the pitch. He had one of Inter’s players on his back. He used his power, height, and skill, to evade his opponent.

Before he unleashed a fantastic shot, he managed to evade another Inter player.

Great action from Pogba in otherwise a poor half.


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