Video: Moussa Sissoko NASTY stomp on Daniel James!

Moussa Sissoko stomp Daniel James

Moussa Sissoko NASTY stomp on Daniel James during ICC match between Tottenham and Manchester United!

Moussa Sissoko nasty stomp on Daniel James as United is in the lead.

Tottenham and Manchester United are playing their match in International Champions Cup.

It’s 0-1 for Manchester United, who took the lead through Martial.

An otherwise entertaining match had one nasty moment.

Moussa Sissoko made an intentional stomp on Danile James. He first managed to kick United’s winger and then proceded to stomp his chest.

It was an insane moment from Sissoko, who didn’t even get a yellow card. There is no VAR at ICC, but this was still a big mistake from the referee of this match.

Match is still very open and anyone can win it, but it seems that United has enough quality on the pitch to get a win.


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