Video: Gabigol with ridiculous dive against Athletico-PR!

Gabigol dive Athletico-PR

Gabigol with ridiculous dive against Athletico-PR in Copa do Brasil quarter-final!

Gabigol with ridiculous dive against Athletico-PR as neither team could win this match.

The match between Athletico-PR and Flamengo ended with a 1-1 draw.

You could say an unfair result for Athletico-PR as there were some critical decisions going against them.

Anyway, Gabriel Barbosa, or better known as Gabigol, scored the goal for Flamengo.

A decisive goal as this goal helped Flamengo to get a positive result in the first leg of these two opponents.

There was also another situation involving Gabigol.

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When Athletico-PR’s goalkeeper kicked the ball in anger, the ball hit Gabigol in his foot. Nothing too serious, but Flamengo’s striker still went to the ground like he’d been knocked out.

It was a ridiculous dive that should have been punished but wasn’t.

Nevertheless, Gabriel Barbosa still helped Flamengo to a very good result as they will have massive advantage of home stadium going into the second leg.


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