Video: Diego Costa and Carvajal got red cards during Real vs Atletico!

costa carvajal red

Diego Costa and Carvajal got red cards during Real vs Atletico in ICC match.

Diego Costa and Carvajal got red cards as Atletico blew up Real.

A shocking match ended with a 3-7 win for Atletico Madrid. It was a friendly match, but the players didn’t think so, at least not Atletico’s players.

They even managed to get a 0-6 lead at some point as Diego Costa went baserk and scored four goals against Atletico’s biggest rivals.

This crazy match likely peeked when Costa and Carvajal got themselves in a scuffle.

Carvajal made a bad foul on one of Atletico’s players, Costa made a bad foul on Carvajal and things went crazy from there on.

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Both teams got in a big brawl that was eventually calmed down with out any serious incident.

Still, both Carvajal and Costa got red cards and had to leave the pitch.

This was one of the worst performances from Real Madrid in the past 20 years as they got humiliated in a friendly.

Zizu is optimistic ahead of the new season, but many are now seriously doubtful.


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