Video: Coman wanted to fight Calhanoglu after a brutal tackle!

Coman fight calhanoglu

Coman wanted to fight Calhanoglu after a brutal tackle during International Champions Cup match between Bayern Munich and Milan!

Coman wanted to fight Calhanoglu after a terrible tackle.

Bayern played their match against Milan in ICC 2019.

It ended with a 1-0 score for Bayern as Leon Goretzka scored the winner.

A rather boring match had some moments of tension and some moments of craziness.

Coman was trying to make a surging forward run when he was stopped by Calhanoglu.

It was a clumsy and dangerous tackle that sent Coman flying on the ground.

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Coman quickly got up and started running against Calhanoglu wanting to fight him. It was a crazy reaction from Coman, but you can understand his anger given the injuries he has had.

Before Coman could straight up punch Calhanoglu he was stopped by his teammate, which defused the whole situation.

Bayern got the win as Milan got a loss in their first match in this ICC.


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