Gif: Nikita Parris brilliant ball control against Sweden Women!

Nikita Parris ball control Sweden Women

Nikita Parris with a brilliant ball control against Sweden Women in Women’s World Cup match for third place.

Nikita Parris with a brilliant ball control as Sweden is in the lead.

England and Sweden Women are playing their match for a third place in the Women’s World Cup.

Sweden is currently in the lead with a 1-2 score. They took their chances well while England is having problems with Sweden’s defense.

England’s Nikita Parris showed a brilliant ball control in this match.

This happened near the end of the first half when England was in a dangerous counterattack.

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Parris got a pass near the right side of Sweden’s penalty area. It was a difficult pass, but Parris made a brilliant ball control to enabled here to continue the action.

Nothing came of from that counter attack, but it was still probably the best call control of the whole tournament from Nikita Parris.

There is still enough time for England to equalizer, but they will have to hurry up as match is coming to a close.


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