Gif: Martinelli awesome NUTMEG against Fiorentina!

Martinelli nutmeg Fiorentina

Martinelli awesome NUTMEG against Fiorentina in International Champions Cup!

Martinelli awesome nutmeg against Fiorentina as Arsenal got another win.

The match ended with one sided 3-0 win for Arsenal, who got another win in pre-season.

Eddie Nketiah has been a relevation so far as he scored another two goals and got Arsenal a win.

One of the best moments of the match happened when Martinelli made his solo run.

This happened in the second half when Fiorentina’s defense was ‘caught sleeping’. Martinelli got a lovely pass, but he quickly found one of Fiorentina’s defenders just ahead of him.

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Martinelli made a lovely nutmeg and made a run right towards Fiorentina’s keeper.

He made a sharp finish that went past the keeper, but just missed the goal.

Great action from the young Brazil Gunner, who will likely play in the first team in the upcoming season.


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