Gif: Gabriel Jesus awesome skill against Argentina!

gabriel jesus skill argentina

Gabriel Jesus awesome skill against Argentina in Copa America semi-final match!

Gabriel Jesus awesome skill against Argentina as he ended up as the man of the match.

Argentina had their chances, but Brazil took theirs and they won the semi-final match.

Gabriel jesus was the man of the match as he scored one goal and created another one.

It would be interesting to see how this match would have panned out if it weren’t for Gabriel, but Brazil had him and won the match.

Jesus was close to making another assist in this match when he made two brilliant skills to set up Coutinho.

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He made a roulette and then brilliant pass, right on the edge of Argentina’s penalty area, to assist Coutinho, who should have scored a goal from close range. Barca’s start missed his chance and Argentina had a sigh of relief.

Despite this, Brazil still put two goals in Argentina’s net, which was ultimately decisive and will now see them playing either Chile or Peru in the final of Copa America.


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