Gif: Foyth with a SAUCY dribble on Coutinho!

Foyth dribble coutinho

Foyth with a SAUCY dribble on Coutinho during Copa America semi-final match between Brazil and Argentina.

Foyth with a SAUCY dribble on Coutinho as Brazil beat Argentina.

Brazil scored two goals to knock out Argentina and progress to the final of this Copa America.

It was a deserved win for Brazil, but there were some controversial moments in this match that needed VAR, which, for some reason, wasn’t used.

It’s funny, but in a match where there were the best dribblers on both sides, a defender managed to make the best skill of the match.

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Argentina’s Foyth got the ball on Brazil’s side of the pitch. He had Coutinho before him and signaled his intention of going to the left. Coutinho fell for that and he went to his right. Foyth quickly changed direction and Coutinho ended up looking like a fool.

A great skill from Tottenham’s defender as Brazil ultimately won the match and probably the tournament as they will face either Chile or Peru in the final.


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