Gif: Dani Alves funny premature celebration against Peru!

dani alves premature celebration peru

Dani Alves with a funny premature celebration against Peru in Copa America final.

Dani Alves with a funny premature celebration against Peru as Brazil won Copa America.

Brazil beat Peru with a 3-1 and, unsurprisingly, won the Copa America.

It wasn’t some glorious match, but it had some controversial moments.

One of those was Gabriel Jesus getting sent off and then attacking VAR.

There was also one funny moment involving Dani Alves.

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Alves, who has become the most decorated football player in history with 40 titles, thought that referee has signaled for the end of the match.

He went kneeling on the pitch and pointing his hands upwards, but after he realized that referee didn’t stop the match, he quickly got up and started running.

A funny situation as Alves is one of the rare players that has won everything that can be won in football.


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