Video: Switzerland gets penalty through VAR while referee awarded a penalty to Portugal!

switzerland penalty VAR portugal

Switzerland gets penalty through VAR while referee awarded a penalty to Portugal in UEFA Nations League finals.

Switzerland gets one strange penalty through VAR as Portugal failed to get one.

Portugal and Switzerland are playing a semi-final match in Nations League finals.

An interesting match was made a bit more interesting by Ronaldo’s stunning free kick goal.

Hardly a deserved lead for Portugal as Switzerland were closer to their goal, but Ronaldo showed his quality.

Second half had one of the craziest sequence in football this season.

Switzerland had an attack and one of their players were brought down in the box. Referee played on and signaled to the players that he is waiting for VAR.

In the meantime, Portugal made a dangerous attack and got a penalty of their own.

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Referee took his time, decided to use VAR by himself and then awarded a penalty to Switzerland.

A crazy sequence of events got a penalty equalizer for Switzerland instead of a potential 2-0 lead for Portugal.

A deserved equalizer for Switzerland that wouldn’t have happened if it weren’t for VAR.

An interesting match has become even more interesting with this kind of result. One team will have to score, or else we will see penalties in this match.


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