Video: Neuer with a crazy DRIBBLE against Belarus!

neuer dribble belarus

Neuer with a crazy DRIBBLE against Belarus in EURO qualifier!

Neuer with a crazy dribble against Belarus as Germany has the lead.

Leroy Sane was the difference between Belarus and Germany in the first half. Germans area leading with a 0-1 score, which nothing less what they deserve.

There was one crazy moment in this match where Germany’s keeper Manuel Neuer showed his dribbling ability.

Neuer found himself covering Belarus player near the corner flag after he failed to block him properly. Not only did Neuer got the ball away from the opponent, but he also managed to dribble past him and passed the ball to a teammate.

A crazy reaction from Neuer that ended well for Germany while also making Neuer the star of tonight qualifiers for EURO 2020.

The match is far from over, but Germany looks in complete control of this match. Anything other than a win for Germany would be a big surprise.


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