Video: Gareth Bale with UNIQUE throw-in against Croatia!

gareth bale throw-in croatia

Gareth Bale with UNIQUE throw-in against Croatia in EURO 2020 qualification.

Gareth Bale with unique throw-in against Croatia as Wales lost.

The match between Croatia and Wales ended with a 2-1 score. A deserved win for Croatia as Wales couldn’t score a late equalizer.

Gareth Bale played for the whole match but couldn’t do much. He was effectively closed-off as his throw-in was his only highlight in this match.

This happened quite early in the match when Wales got a throw-in in Croatia’s side of the pitch. Bale managed to get the ball first and made a quick and unique throw-in that almost ended up as an assist.

Bale’s throw-in ended up as a through ball for one of his teammates who got into a fantastic position to score the goal. The action ended in a poor finish as Bale’s unique throw-in went to waste.

This is hardly a decisive defeat for Wales, but it does show that they will have problems in this EURO qualifiers.


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