Gif: Sergio Ramos gifts penalty kick to Morata!

sergio ramos penalty morata

Sergio Ramos gifts a penalty kick to Alvaro Morata during the EURO 2020 qualifier against Sweden!

Sergio Ramos gifts a penalty kick to Alvaro Morata as Spain comfortably beat Sweden.

Spain and Sweden played an important match in EURO 2020 qualifier. It ended with a dominant win for Spain as Sweden could only muster one shot on target.

Sergio Ramos scored another penalty goal and he had a chance to score his second too.

Spain got a second penalty in the match and it seemed that Ramos will take it.

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Instead, Ramos decided to give the penalty kick to Morata, who was grateful for this reaction from his captain.

A fantastic reaction from Ramos, who is considered as a controversial figure, but he has never been seen as a poor captain.

Overall, Spain has had a great start to EURO qualifiers as they have four wins out of four matches.



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