Video: Patrick Bamford obvious dive against Derby!

bamford dive derby

Patrick Bamford obvious dive against Derby County in Championship play-off!

Patrick Bamford obvious dive against Derby County as Leeds have the lead.

It’s 1-0 in very nervous match between Leeds United and Derby County.

The first match ended in a 0-1 for Leeds, which means that Leeds is in an overall lead of 2-0.

Derby needs two goals to back in terms, which is anything but easy, especially because Leeds is dominating this match.

There have already been 6 yellow cards in little more than half an hour. A heated match that will likely end in red cards before it concludes.

One of those yellow cards was for Patrick Bamford. Yes, the same Bamford that got El-Ghazi sent off with a dive took to his acting skills again.

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Bamford got a lovely pass inside Derby’s penalty area. He saw that one of Derby’s players was running behind him and decided to stop his run. Obviously, that Derby player hit into Bamford who quickly fell to the ground.

It was an obvious dive as Bamford was looking to get some kind of touch. The referee saw that and gave Bamford a deserved yellow card for diving.

Leeds has been the far better team in this match and have a deserved lead. Still, Derby is still in this tie and a goal from them would change everything.


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