Video: Naby Sarr bizarre 5th minute own goal against Charlton!

naby sarr own goal charlton

Naby Sarr bizarre 5thminute own goal against Charlton in play-off final!

Naby Sarr scores a bizarre 5th minute own goal as Charlton equalized against Sunderland.

It’s 1-1 at the moment as Charlton made a comeback after conceding a shocking goal.

Charlton and Sunderland are playing in the play-off final for the last Championship place.

Charlton conceded one of the strangest own goals in play-off final history.

Naby Sarr was with the ball in Charlton’s side of the pitch. No one was putting pressure on him, but he still decided to make a back-pass to his keeper.

You could say that the back-pass was good, but it did have certain power to it.

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Well, Charlton’s keeper didn’t anticipate the pass well as the ball slipped right under his leg. The pass had just enough power to get away from the keeper and went into the goal.

A bizarre own goal that was the fault of both the keeper and defender.

Nevertheless, Charlton has already equalized as second half will start the same way as the first half did.


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