Video: Matip controversial handball against Barcelona!

matip handball barcelona

Matip controversial handball against Barcelona in a Champions League match!

Matip controversial handball against Barcelona in a tight match.

Barcelona and Liverpool are playing much anticipated first leg in Champions League semi-final.

It’s 0-0, but there were some interesting moments in this first half.

Liverpool had some dangerous counter attacks while Barca could have been awarded a penalty.

Messi was doing his thing and managed to get into Liverpool’s penalty area. He made a dribble and the ball eventually hit Matip’s arm.

His arm wasn’t in a natural position and the ball clearly hit his hand.

Referee, for some bizarre reason, decided to let the play continue. It was a weird call as there is VAR available, but referee didn’t used it.

This is definitely the most controversial moment of the match as Barca could have had a penalty.

Nevertheless, Liverpool seems very dangerous on counter-attacks while Barca is still struggling in dominating this match.


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