Video: Joaquin bombastic 98th-minute goal against Huesca!

joaquin goal huesca

Joaquin bombastic 98th-minute goal against Huesca in La Liga match!

Joaquin bombastic 98th-minute goal against Huesca as Betis got a late win.

Betis got a late, late win in La Liga. This was the penultimate round of this La Liga’s season as things will end next week.

In one of the least important matches of this round, Betis and Huesca played their match.

After a series of poor results, Betis finally got a win against Huesca. It ended with a 2-1 score as Betis barely got the win.

Joaquin decided this match in the 98th minute of the match with one of the best strikers of the season.

He got the ball about 30 meters out of Huesca’s goal. Time was running out so Joaquin made the only sensible choice, he took a shot.

It was a tremendous shot as the ball flew through like a bullet and hit Huesca’s goal with such power that it nearly destroyed the goal’s net.

A brilliant goal that will go down as one of the best of the season.


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