Video: Dubrovka knocks out Salah!

dubrovka knocks out salah

Dubrovka knocks out Salah during a Premier League match between Newcastle United and Liverpool!

Dubrovka knocks out Salah during a Premier League match as Salah had to be substituted.

Newcastle United and Liverpool are playing an important match in the Premier League.

The match that can have serious implications in the race for the Premier League title is currently stuck in a 2-2 draw.

Liverpool was the better team, scored two goals, but Newcastle made a comeback.

To make matters worse for Liverpool, their star player, Mo Salah, got himself injured and had to be substituted.

This happened when Newcastle’s keeper Dubrovka left his position and tried to block the ball. He did block the ball, but he also ended up knocking out Mo Salah in the process.

It didn’t look good as medics arrived on the pitch. After a while, Mo Salah had to be substituted as he couldn’t continue the match.

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A bad news for Liverpool, who desperately needs this win.

This is also a bad news for Liverpool regarding the Champions League. They will need to produce a miracle in return leg against Barca. Without Salah, this will become even more difficult.

Hopefully, Salah didn’t injury his head too much, and he will be able to play again this season.


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