Video: Domenico Berardi red card for a crazy reaction vs Empoli!

Domenico Berardi red card empoli

Domenico Berardi red card for a crazy reaction against Empoli in Serie A match!

Domenico Berardi red card for a crazy reaction as Atalanta has turned things around.

Atalanta is on course to qualify for the Champions League place. An incredible achievement for the club, who’s main goal was to stay in the league at the start of the season.

They are winning their decisive match with a 3-1 score and have a player more on the pitch.

It was a lot different when Berardi scored a goal at the start of the match. Sassuolo was winning the match, but everything changed when Atalanta had a corner kick near the end of the first half.

There was a commotion as one of Atalanta’s player went to the floor after a slight headbutt. Berardi saw that and decided to pick the player off the ground. It looked crazy as Berardi was shaking his opponent who was lying on the ground.

Referee, eventually, showed Berardi a red card for this reaction while that Atalanta’s player got a yellow card for provocation.

A crazy and controversial moment that turned the match on its head.

Atalanta is now in a comfortable lead and closing in one a fantastic 3rd spot in the league.


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