Video: Allan McGregor gets a red card for a bizarre kick against Hibernian!

allan mcgregor kick hibernian

Allan McGregor gets a red card for a bizarre kick against Hibernian in Scottish league!

Allan McGregor gets a red card for bizarre kick as Rangers got a win.

The match between Rangers and Hibernian ended with a 1-0 win for Rangers. Jermain Defoe scored a winner in the first half and Hibernian didn’t have enough firepower to score an equalizer.

There was one bizarre moment in this match that will likely end up in some interesting football compilations.

Rangers keeper Allan McGregor had the ball in his hand and was about to kick the ball up the pitch.

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For some strange reason, McGregor decided to make a kick on one of Hibernian’s players right after kicking the ball. It was such an insane reaction as that player didn’t bother McGregor at all.

McGregor then faked an injury, which didn’t con the referee. He gave McGregor a direct red card, which was nothing less what McGregor deserved.

A strange moment in a win for Rangers, who will finish the season in second place.


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