Gif: Wijnaldum with excellent skill against Barcelona!

Wijnaldum skill barcelona

Wijnaldum with excellent skill against Barcelona in a Champions League semi-final match!

Wijnaldum with excellent skill against Barcelona as Liverpool got a shock win.

A miracle has happened as Liverpool has managed to turn things around in the return leg. Barca won the first leg with a 3-0 score.

Liverpool had plenty of injuries and missing one of their key players in Mohamed Salah.

No one expected a win for Liverpool let alone a knock out win.

Well, a miracle has happened as Liverpool scored four goals while Barca couldn’t score even once.

A truly remarkable feat for Liverpool while Barca lost another tie that they should have won.

Like last season against Roma, Barca blew another huge lead and went out of the Champions League in the semi-final.

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Wijnaldum was the unexpected hero of this match. He came on in the second half because of an injury to Robertson. Wini scored two goals decisive goals that got Liverpool the eventual win.

Wijnaldum also made the best skill of the match, which happened late into the match.

He got the ball in the middle of the pitch. Wini had three Barca players right next to him, but he still managed to get away from them with one lovely back-heel skill.

He than even managed to release Origi with amazing through ball.

A fantastic skill from Wijnaldum as Liverpool got one of the best comeback wins in their history.


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