Gif: Sarri looking at his gold medal!

sarri gold medal

Sarri looking at his gold medal after Chelsea beat Arsenal to win Europa League!

Sarri looking at his gold medal as Europa League title is Sarri’s first major trophy in his career.

Chelsea demolished Arsenal in the second half to win Europa League with a 4-1 score.

After an even first half, Chelsea quickly scored in the second half as Arsenal’s defense fell apart soon after.

Before you knew it, Chelsea was in a 3-0 lead and everything seemed lost.

Iwobi did score a consolation, which was a brilliant goal, but Hazard soon canceled any momentum that Arsenal had with his second goal.

Overall, a deserved win for Chelsea as Arsenal disappointingly lost this match.

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There was one sweet moment when the match ended.

Maurizio Sarri has never won a major trophy in his career. He went close a couple of times, but he was never able to win it.

This time it was different and Sarri could celebrate.

When he got his golden medal, he couldn’t quite believe it. He watched his medal with gentle smile and passionate look.

His ‘big’ moment has arrived and this trophy will surely prolong his stay at Chelsea.


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