Gif: Robertson with a push on Messi’s head!

robertson push messi's head

Robertson with a push on Messi’s head during a Champions League match between Liverpool and Barcelona!

Robertson with a push on Messi’s head as Liverpool started string against Barca.

Liverpool and Barcelona are playing a return leg in the Champions League. Barca won the first leg with a 3-0 score and are a big favorite to win this match.

Liverpool is missing Salah and Firmino, which makes this tie even more in Barca’s favor.

Nevertheless, Liverpool has started strong at the start of the match. They already had one half-chance and are dominating the possession.

There has already been one controversial situation regarding Messi and Robertson.

Messi was in his solo run and went down on the pitch. There was no foul given and while Messi was sitting on the pitch, Roberston gave him a weird push on his head.

Messi didn’t like that and had an argument with Robertson.

All in all, a lively match as Liverpool looks to score a goal.


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