Gif: Neymar crazy dribble against Angers!

neymar dribble angers

Neymar crazy dribble against Angers in Ligue 1 match!

Neymar crazy dribble against Angers as PSG got the win.

Everything is settled in Ligue 1 as PSG are the new/old champions.

Despite late dip in form, PSG was strong enough to get a title win as they didn’t have a serious competition in the league.

PSG played a match against Angers that wasn’t important for either of the teams.

Despite this, Neymar started the match and even scored an important goal.

PSG won 1-2 as Neymar’s goal ended up being important for PSG’s win.

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Neymar also made something else than just score a goal. He made one crazy dribble that’s kind of difficult to explain.

In essence, Neymar made a unique sombrero skill that humiliated one of Angers players.

A unique skill from Brazilian super star, who is slowly coming back to form and will likely be an important part of Brazil’s squad in Copa America.


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