Gif: Marcelo with a roulette against Betis!

marcelo roulette betis

Marcelo with a roulette against Betis in La Liga match!

Marcelo with a roulette against Betis as Real is playing the last match in La Liga this season.

Real Madrid is ending one of their worst ever seasons against Betis.

It’s still 0-0 as Real is struggling, like they have been struggling for the whole season.

There are a lot of questions about Real’s team next season as there is going to be an exudes of players leaving Real.

Marcelo seems to be one of those players that will leave Real at the end of the season.

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Brazilian left back was one of Real’s most consistent players but years have caught up to him.

Nevertheless, Marcelo still has fantastic technique and he showed that against Betis.

He made a lovely ‘roulette’ skill against one of the Betis players, near the sideline. Lovely skill from Marcelo, who is still considered as one of the most skillful left back in the world.


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