Gif: Lionel Messi SPECTACULAR free-kick goal against Liverpool!

messi free kick liverpool

Lionel Messi SPECTACULAR free-kick goal against Liverpool in a Champions League semi-final match!

Lionel Messi SPECTACULAR free-kick goal as Messi destroyed Liverpool.

Barcelona is leading with a 3-0 against Liverpool as Messi took things in his own hands.

Messi’s first goal against Liverpool was kind of lucky, but the second goal was a masterpiece.

Fabinho made a pointless foul on Messi some 30 meters out of Liverpool’s goal. It wasn’t some great position to score a goal, but Messi doesn’t have a bad free-kick position. Messi took a spectacular free-kick as the ball went into the top right corner of Liverpool’s goal.

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Alisson couldn’t do anything as Barca took a huge 3-0 lead. It’s funny that both Messi’s goals were scored against the run of play, but Barca took their chances and Liverpool didn’t took theirs.

A huge lead for Barcelona as they have a big advantage going into the second tie.


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