Gif: Lionel Messi gets teased by Liverpool’s ball boy!

lionel messi teased liverpool ball boy

Lionel Messi gets teased by Liverpool’s ball boy during a Champions League semi-final match!

Lionel Messi gets comically teased by Liverpool’s ball boy as Barca crashed out of Champions League.

After the end of first leg matches in ties between Liverpool vs Barcelona and Ajax vs Tottenham, it seemed that there is going to be a Champions League final between Barcelona and Ajax.

Well, it didn’t happen as Liverpool destroyed Barca in return leg while Tottenham shocked Ajax in the last second of the match.

When the match was over between Liverpool and Barcelona, there was obviously a jubilent atmosphere in Anfield.

There was one funny situation involved a rather depressed Messi and one upbeat Liverpool’s ball boy.

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Lionel Messi was slowly walking when that ball boy ran by him and showed him two fingers. Messi didn’t even react as he was probably somewhere in his own imaginary world at the time.

A funny situation as Liverpool and Tottenham both shocked their opponents.

Who will now win the Champions League final?

This is impossible to say. It could go either way, but Liverpool does seem to have an advantage over Tottenham.


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