Gif: Guardiola BIZARRE reaction to Man City’s 6th goal against Watford!

guardiola reaction watford fa cup final

Guardiola BIZARRE reaction to Man City’s 6th goal against Watford in an FA Cup final!

Guardiola with a bizarre reaction to Manchester City’s 6th goal against Watford.

Man City crushed Watford in the final of the FA Cup.

It was expected that City will win the FA Cup too given that they won all the other domestic trophies. Yet, no one expected this kind of demolition from City.

Watford just fell apart when Silva scored that goal in the first half as their defense turned into a Swiss cheese.

Sterling made a final score of 6-0 with a close range goal as Guardiola had a bizarre reaction.

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This wasn’t a happy reaction but a frustrated reaction. Like Pep didn’t want to see another goal in Watford’s net.

He was likely happy inside but felt that he is ridiculing his opponent with a score like that.

City made history with this triple/quadruple of domestic trophies. They have a very strong squad going into the next season where Champions League is going to be their main objective.


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