Gif: Cristiano Ronaldo mocking Florenzi’s height!

Cristiano Ronaldo mocks Florenzi's height

Cristiano Ronaldo mocking Florenzi’s height during a Serie A match between Roma and Juventus!

Cristiano Ronaldo mocking Florenzi’s height as Roma got a win against Juventus.

Roma got a 2-0 win against Juventus to keep their Champions League hopes alive.

Although Roma is only 6th in the league at the moment, They are only three points behind 3rd place Atalanta.

There are only two matches left to go in Serie A, but it seems that even Lazio, who is in 8th place, can still get into the Champions League position for next season.

Florenzi was one of the heroes in this match as he scored the first goal in this match.

It proved to be a crucial goal as Juventus never really recovered after it and Dzeko made the final blow deep in injury time.

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There was one bizarre confrontation between Florenzi and Cristiano Ronaldo. It’s hard to say what started it all but during it, Ronaldo mocked Florenzi about his height. Florenzi is not the tallest player, but Ronaldo is and the Portuguese superstar highlighted it against his opponent.

The pair resolved their differences with a hug, but Florenzi had the last laugh as he scored that goal.

Juve won the title some time ago while Roma is keeping their hopes of Champions League alive.


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