Video: Troy Deeney red card for elbow on Torreira!

Troy deeney red card arsenal

Troy Deeney red card for an elbow on Torreira during Premier League match against Arsenal!

Troy Deeney red card for an elbow on Torreira as Watford had a horror start against Arsenal.

Watford and Arsenal are playing an interesting match in the Premier League. It’s 0-1 for Arsenal after Ben Foster made a horror mistake to concede a goal.

Auba scored the goal while Troy Deeney got a direct red card only minutes later.

He was applying pressure on Arsenal players and was just behind Torreira. Torreira passed the ball while Deeney made a clumsy elbow hit on Torreira’s face.

Referee took his time and then showed a direct red card to Deeney.

Troy Deeney couldn’t believe it and the replays did show that it was a bit harsh. Nevertheless, Arsenal has a lead and a player more on the pitch.

There is still plenty of time in this match, but Arsenal is in a fantastic position to win this match and get a bit closer to that top four place in Premier League.


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