Video: Sokratis calming down Koulibaly by holding his face!

Sokratis calming down Koulibaly

Sokratis calming down Koulibaly by holding his face during Europa League match between Napoli and Arsenal.

Sokratis calming down Koulibaly by holding his face as Arsenal knocked out Napoli.

The match ended with a 0-1 score for Arsenal, who knocked out Napoli with an overall score of 3-0.

A very good performance from Arsenal in both matches as Napoli never really had a chance in this tie.

Arsenal could have won this match with at least 2-0 score, but Meret made a great save on Aubameyang.

There was one funny incident when Napoli had a corner kick. Nothing resulted from that corner kick as Koulibaly ended up on the ground.

Koulibaly started arguing with Arsenal players, particularly with Sokratis. Arsenal defender decided to take matters in his own hands, even showing his captain away, and calmed down Koulibaly.

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He grabbed Napoli’s defender by the face and calmed him down. Sokratis even hugged referee before the matter was completely resolved.

Some big leadership qualities from Sokratis as Arsenal got to another semi-final of Europa League.

Last season, they faced Atletico Madrid and failed while they will face Valencia this season.

You could say an easier opponent, but Valencia can still surprise Arsenal.


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