Video: Pep Guardiola funny premature celebration against Tottenham!

pep guardiola premature celebration tottenham

Pep Guardiola funny premature celebration against Tottenham in a Champions League match!

Pep Guardiola funny premature celebration as Tottenham knocked out Man City!

The match ended with a 4-3 win for City, but Tottenham still managed to knock out City with a 4-4 score thanks to away goals.

It was a crazy match with four goals being scored in the first 12 minutes of the match.

Tottenham was incredibly effective in front of City’s goal while City was on fire too.

When Sterling scored the winner in the 93rd minute of injury time, City fans, along with Pep Guardiola, went crazy.

Guardiola was jumping around and running up and down. It took some time for the goal to be reviewed by VAR after which the goal was overruled.

It was a tough moment for everyone at the stadium, apart of everyone involved with Tottenham.

Guardiola had a funny premature celebration and couldn’t believe it when the goal was disallowed. He went on his knees holding his head.

A tough moment for Guardiola, but it was the right call.

Tottenham will now play against Ajax and have a good chance of reaching the final. It still seems that one of the winner between Barca and Liverpool will win the Champions League, but this is still an important achievement for Tottenham.


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