Video: Mustafi trying to blame Leno for his mistake against Crystal Palace!

Mustafi blaming leno crystal palace

Mustafi trying to blame Leno for his mistake against Crystal Palace during a Premier League match!

Mustafi tried to blame Leno for his obvious mistake against Crystal Palace.

Arsenal had a good chance of going third in the league, but blew it thanks to a defeat against Crystal Palace.

It was a strange match as Arsenal fell behind but than soon equalized in the second half.

It seemed that the match was in Arsenal control when something not so surprising happened.

Mustafi, who is known for mistakes like this, left Zaha to go into a one-on-one position with Bernd Leno to score a goal. Mustafi should have run for the ball and kick it away, but instead, he tried to block Zaha, who easily evaded him.

It was a decisive goal that again turned the match in Palace’s favor. Mustafi than again made a mistake when leaving alone his marker for Palace’s third goal of the match.

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Two huge mistakes from Mustafi as Arsenal would have won this match otherwise.

It was also bizarre when Mustafi made his first mistake that resulted in Zaha’s goal, he blamed Leno for the goal.

It’s difficult to explain why he blamed Leno for it as Leno did everything right in that situation while Mustafi made a beginner’s mistake.

Arsenal are still fourth, but this defeat might prove to be costly in their bid of securing Champions League football next season.


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