Video: Mustafi terrible man marking on Benteke against Crystal Palace!

Mustafi marking benteke

Mustafi terrible man marking on Benteke against Crystal Palace in a Premier League match!

Mustafi terrible man marking on Benteke as Mustafi had a terrible performance against Palace.

The match ended with a 2-3 win for Crystal Palace, who shocked Arsenal at home.

It could have been a lot different if Mustafi wouldn’t have a nightmare of a performance.

He ‘gave away’ Palace’s second goal when Arsenal was starting to dominate the match. He then played a part in Palace’s third goal when he forgot to defend properly at a corner kick.

Two decisive mistakes that might end up costing Arsenal a top four place and potential Champions League football next season.

To explain just how bad Mustafi was against Palace, he nearly made a mistake for Palace’s third goal too.

This happened in the first half when Zaha made a lovely solo run. After making the run, Zaha passed the ball to Benteke who was alone in the penalty box.

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Lucky for Arsenal, Benteke shot high and wide, but Mustafi should have been there covering him. Instead, Mustafi never even noticed where Benteke went and man marked an empty space with no one around him.

A really poor match from Mustafi, who is proving to be an irritation to Arsenal fans.

There is a big chance that this will be Mustafi’s last season at Arsenal as the club will need to bring in some quality defenders in the summer.


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