Video: Marko Arnautovic magic touch against Tottenham!

marko arnautovic touch tottenham

Marko Arnautovic magic touch against Tottenham in a Premier League match!

Marko Arnautovic with a magic touch against Tottenham.

Tottenham and West Ham are playing an early Saturday match in Premier League. It’s still 0-0 as neither of the teams could break through their respective defenses.

An even match, although Tottenham has more of a possession, offered one awesome touch from Arnautovic.

This happened early in the second half when West Ham tried to form an attack against Tottenham. A long ball was kicked on Tottenham’s side of the pitch where Arnatovic was covered by one of his opponents.

Arnautovic made a magical touch to get rid of his opponent and then made a solo run that ended in a shot straight at the keeper.

Brilliant touch, despite the rest wasn’t that great.

Tottenham is struggling against West Ham, but they still have enough time to score the goal.


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