Video: Kyle Walker gets away with controversial head-butt against Brighton!

walker head-butt brighton

Kyle Walker gets away with controversial head-butt against Brighton in FA Cup semi-final match!

Kyle Walker gets away with a controversial head-butt as City is already leading.

Manchester City and Brighton are playing their match in FA Cup semi-final. It’s 1-0 for Manchester City thanks to an early goal from Gabriel Jesus.

There was one controversial situation that could have ended in a red card.

Kyle Walker was shielding a lose ball that was heading fora goal kick. Alireza Jahanbakhsh was trying to get the ball away from City’s defender and brought the player down. Jahanbakhsh also stepped on Walker, which angered the right back.

Walker made a strange head-butt on Brighton’s player and was lucky to not get a direct red card. There is VAR in place, but it was decided that both players received only yellow cards.

Lucky decision for Walker, who lost his nerves in a pointless situation.

City is in the lead and looking strong, but Brighton is still in this match.


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