Video: Keylor Navas fantastic save against Valencia!

Keylor Navas fantastic save against Valencia in La Liga match!

Keylor Navas fantastic save as Valencia is still leading in this match.

It’s 1-0 for Valencia against Real Madrid. They scored their goal late into the first half, which was nothing less what they deserved.

Valencia has been the better team and could score even more goals while Real has shown a poor performance.

Keylor Navas hasn’t played much this season, but after Zidane’s return, Navas is back between the posts.

He made one wonderful save after one of Valencia’s players managed to get into a 1-on-1 chance against Real’s keeper.

Navas made a fantastic save and prevented a goal that would give Valencia a sure win.

Despite Valencia’s lead, this match is still open and Real can still win it. There is only one goal separating these two teams as things are far from settled.


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