Video: Iwobi great dribble and pass for Laca against Everton!

Iwobi dribble everton

Iwobi great dribble and pass for Laca against Everton during a Premier League match!

Iwobi great dribble and pass for Lacazette in a poor match for Arsenal.

Arsenal got a defeat against Everton, which put in jeopardy their ambition to get a top four finish in Premier League.

A deserved win for Everton, who could have scored at least 4 goals in this match. Arsenal was poor in every department with Iwobi making the best move of the whole match (for Arsenal)

Alex Iwobi was facing two Everton players just before the penalty area, and he managed to tricked them both with a slick dribble. Not only that, but he made a brilliant pass for Lacazette who couldn’t pass the ball to Auba.

This was the only highlight from any Arsenal player (excluding Ozil’s jacket throw) as players showed one of the worst performance in 2019.

Road for a top four place is still very active as there are four clubs who could get into the last two places.


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