Video: Garry Rodrigues with a LOL open goal miss against Al Ettifaq!

Gerry Rodrigues miss al ettifaq

Garry Rodrigues with a LOL open goal miss against Al Ettifaq in a Saudi league!

Garry Rodrigues with a LOL open goal miss as Al Ittihad still won the match.

Al Ittihad and Al Ettifaq played a regular match in Saudi league. The match, that wasn’t all that interesting, ended with a 2-0 for Al Ittihad.

There was one funny situation that put the match above the rest of the matches playing in the Saudi league this week.

Garry Rodriguez, who has been playing for Al Ittihad since January, found himself in a perfect position to score a goal.

After a brilliant pass, Rodrigues found himself in a one-on-one position with Al Ettifaq’s goalkeeper.

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Rodriguez made the right choice by going past the goalkeeper but made a funny mistake once he was past the goalkeeper. He somehow forgot the ball behind his leg and took a weird shot away from Al Ettifaq’s goal.

The ball was eventually cleared and the chance was gone. Still, Al Ittihad won this match and made this miss no more than just a funny miss of the week in Saudi’s league.


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