Video: Dele Alli tried to nutmeg Pep Guardiola!

dele alli nutmeg guardiola

Dele Alli tried to nutmeg Pep Guardiola during Premier League match between Manchester City and Tottenham.

Dele Alli tried to nutmeg Pep Guardiola at the start of the match.

Manchester City and Tottenham are playing another match in matter of days.

The last one City won with a 4-3 score, but it wasn’t enough as Tottenham knocked them out of Champions League.

City is again leading against Tottenham as they aren’t limited to any previous score in this match.

They have a deserved lead, but Tottenham did have some dangerous situations.

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There was one funny incident right at the start of the match when a loose ball went to Pep Guardiola.

Alli went after it and then comically tried to nutmeg Pep Guardiola. It didn’t work as Pep gave a strange look to Alli.

City is in the lead and looking strong while Tottenham is looking like losing another match.


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