Video: David Luiz makes a bizarre dive against Burnley!

David Luiz dive burnley

David Luiz makes a bizarre dive against Burnley in a Premier League match!

David Luiz makes a bizarre dive as Burnley hold Chelsea to a draw in the first half.

There is still 2-2 score between Chelsea and Burnley. An interesting first half offered four goals and one fantastic clearance.

Chelsea could easily be in the lead, but bad defensive reactions and poor finishing means that Burnley has a positive result at the break.

there was one strange incident regarding David Luiz and one of Burnley’s players.

Luiz was trying to bring the ball from defense to attack and was making a run. One of Burnley’s players was running behind him and trying to stop him. All of a sudden, Luiz dropped to the floor without a touch.

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It didn’t make sense because there was no contact while Luiz was near the middle of the pitch and couldn’t get anything with potential free kick.

A bizarre dive from Luiz as Chelsea has problems in defense.

They have enough quality to see off Burnley but will have to show a lot better defensive stability in the second half.


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