Video: Bernd Leno fantastic save on Ndidi’s free header!

bernd leno save ndidi

Bernd Leno fantastic save on Ndidi’s free header during a Premier League match between Leicester City and Arsenal!

Bernd Leno with fantastic save against Leicester City as Arsenal was lucky.

Leicester and Arsenal are playing an early match in the Premier League. It’s 0-0 as Arsenal is trying to get into that top four place.

Leicester doesn’t have any ‘serious’ goal in the Premier League this season, but they could have taken the lead in this match.

Leicester had a corner kick and the ball found Ndidi, who as alone in the penalty box. He took a good header shot that looked to be going into the goal.

Leno made a brilliant reflex save and kept the ball out of the goal as Leicester had the best chance of the match.

An important save, but Arsenal look weak in this match. They have one of the worst away forms in the league and their chances of reaching a top four place seem weak.


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